Legal Document Services of Ontario and sister company, External link opens in new tab or windowPelletier & Associates, offers a wide range of search & locate services.

Licensed with the Ministry of Transportation and very skilled in the art of tracking and locating individuals.

We have over 20 years of experience in finding people with all the tools at our fingertips.

Just provide us the information you do have on the individual or company you are looking for and let us do the rest.

 Our service is confidential and efficient.

Please contact us for a free assessment of recommended search packages.


Solutions to simplify your research!

RESULTS WITHIN 3 HOURS on the following items:

Motor Vechile Collision Report

Driver's Licence Searches - Plate, Name with last known address OR DOB, DL Number, Vin, Driver History, etc.

Corporation Report (Ontario or Federal)

Property Search

PPSA (Personal Property Securities Act) Search

Writ and Lien Search

ROUTINE Results - 2-5 days on the following items:

Litigation Search

Institution/Correctional Facility Search

Legal Research

Due Diligence Search

Estate and Probate Search


Contact us:  

Toll Free: 833-545-3627 (833-LGL-DOCS)

Halton local: 905-599-4103

Ottawa local: 613-667-5590

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Document Retrieval,  Business Registrations,  Driver License Searches,  Motor Vehicle Searches,  License Plate Searches,  Vin Searches,  Name (only) Searches, Search & Locate Service, Skip Trace Packages,  Property Searches,  Title Searches,  Pin Searches,  PPSA Searches,  Credit Searches,  Bank Searches,  Track Services,  Litigation Searches,  

Court Record Searches, Criminal Searches

Customer Testimonials

"I was shocked when Legal Document Services found the guy that i had judgement against. I was referred by a friend to this company and thought it was worth a try even though I had exhausted every other known possibility of locating this guy. I figured it was worth a call as it was a large amount of money owed to me. Surprisingly enough, Legal Docs found the guy and I was able to collect my money. Highly Recommended Company"